WEAPON ECHH! - Digital Download!

  • WEAPON ECHH! - Digital Download!

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This is the digital download of our Weapon Echh! featuring some BONUS FULL-COLOR pages! All proceeds will go to the Make More Comics Arts Grant and we fully encourage you to share the digital edition and print out your own copies if you wish!

In 1991 Barry Windsor-Smith decided to take on the challenge of creating a story that would tell part of the mysterious origin of the character of Wolverine. In doing so he created a series of comics that influenced a generation of cartoonists.

Following in the bootleg jam tradition of books like “Shitty Watchmen” and “Bartkira,” we have over 50 creators reimagining Barry Windsor-Smith's 1991 “Weapon X” comic story through tribute and parody. We bring you “Weapon Echh!”

Just like with all of our products and publications, all proceeds will go to support the Make More Comics Arts Grant.

Who will you be able to find in this book? Here are just a few of the amazing creators that submitted to this project:

Alex Robinson
Allen Greenwood
Ben Granoff
Ben Perkins
Chris Anderson
Christian Meesey
Craig CK
Daniel Moler
Eli Schwab
Elisabetta Damico
Geoffrey Krawczyk
Ian M
James Windsor-Smith
Jason Lapidus
Jeaux Janovsky
Jeff Manley
Jerome Cabanatan
Jesko Morgue
John Ashton Golden
Kenny Wong
Rick Lopez
Ro Higashi
Ryan Tavarez
Sam J. Royale
Tony Fero
...and MANY MORE!