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100% Comics - MEGA Starter Kit


This is it! This is the very limited release of our MEGA Grab Bag of comics and merchandise!

We took the very last physical printings of some books along with other items and built a grab bag collection. This collection features a bit of everything that we have available now in a single package - ready for order and offered at a discounted rate.

There are very few of these kits and they feature the last physical copies that I can find of the first print of H%C #2 - so if you want a physical copy, this is the only place left to order one.

Here is a complete list of what is in each of these kits:

1. Weapon Echh! - ($20.00)
2. Ethereal - ($12.00)
3. H%C #2 - ($8.00)
4. H%C #3 - ($8.00)
5. H%C #4 - ($8.00)
6. Fat Cat Comix #1 - ($6.00)
7. 41 Facts About 41 Broadway Theaters ($5.00)
8. Weapon Echh! Patch - ($5.00)
9. MMC/CKRS Challenge Coin - ($20.00)

Each pack comes in at a $92 dollar value if ordered separately. With this Starter Kit you can get them all for $75 + shipping.