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Fat Cat Comix #1


...and now for something completely different! 100% Comics is proud to release a new anthology magazine completely built and edited by Canadian auteur creator Tony "Tex" Watt. This is the first in an on-going series of books that will feature whatever Mr. Watt decides to put together.

This issue features stories that would be right at home in Underground Comix anthologies with original characters such as "Wendell's PepperSauce Girl" and "Spacey La Skonke and her Dildroid." Come see the wild ride from Tony's mind onto the comix page.

B/W Interiors
32 total pages
Co-Publication with 9 aRTS mAGAZINE
All proceeds are funneled back into new projects through the Make More Comics Arts Grant. Please visit makemorecomics.com for more details!